As the world learns to adjust to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have taken it upon myself to ensure that safety is a top priority on every set.

In the past several months I have spent hundreds of hours on various film sets as a Covid-Compliance Officer. This experience has given me an intimate understanding of how crews are able to continue to work while minding new safety regulations as they pertain to Covid-19. I have also taken it upon myself to complete ALL related certifications (OSHA,WHO,JOHN HOPSKIN,CDC,LA COUNTY,HEATH EDUCATION) to ensure that I am familiar with the highest quality safety standards for this unprecedented time.

As a seasoned producer and newly certified CCO I know the production world. I know it has been difficult to return to work with new regulations and costs to account for. Still, your safety, as well as the safety of our crew and talent, is extremely important to me. I aim to ensure that each shoot produced or CCO by me meets the highest standards for safety.

As this has become a growing need for the industry, several companies have formed with Covid-Compliance in mind. I personally have great relationships with a hand selected array of companies who all have onset safety, infection prevention, disinfection, Covid-19 testing, and strict Covid-19 guidelines as their main focus.

As we all navigate this new world, I know that you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time and I guarantee I will make your safety and comfort my top priority.